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Buying a Dental Practice

1. Do you charge a fee?

It is free to register with us. If you remain as one of our General Market buyers you will not incur any fees. We have two additional tiers, which are offered to our serious prospective buyers, for these there is a fee on completion but no annual or monthly membership fees chargeable.

2. How will you let me know about practice sales?

We understand that you will probably be working during normal office hours. We will send you an email to let you know about new practice sales, but we will also try to contact you by ‘phone. Our offices are open until 9pm Monday – Thursday so you can speak with us when it’s convenient to you.

3. What happens when my offer is accepted?

Once you have had your offer on a practice accepted by the vendor, we will ask you to sign our deposit schedule and pay a 1% deposit. This is held in our client account and returned to you on completion. Once we have these, we will cease marketing the practice and

advise you to instruct a solicitor.

4. How are NHS contracts transferred?

The exiting practitioner would need to contact the PCT to advise them of his intentions.

A meeting will then be arranged for the Commissioning Manager to meet with

both parties and will seek a CRB check for the incoming practitioner.

Once this is done, they will arrange for the current contract to be cancelled and a new one issued to the buyer.

The PCT will not usually transfer a contract but instead would re-commission to the incoming practitioner.

Dental Practices For Sale

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Dental Practices

Dental practices as investment vehicles and as businesses in their own right are extremely attractive propositions. Demand will stay strong with returns in the sector being favourable in comparison with most other sectors. With the shortage of UK Dentists and the desperate need for new NHS Practices and the Private Dentistry sector growing extensively, there has never been a better time to buy or sell.